TA22 From Western Australia!

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TA22 From Western Australia!

Postby Sirsh » August 13th, 2011, 9:59 am

Hi all,

My name is Tyler or Sirsh on here. I've recently brought a LT 5 speed TA22 1974 Celica Coupe, the car has a list full of problems, but no where near as bad as some of the cars ive seen on here (the cars youve brought and redone). The car is currently in Primer for some unknown reason. I'll be on this forum seeking everyones wisdom about this car, as it is my first car and im very enthusiastic to get it to its former glory in a more modern sense. My plans for this car are: Engine rebuild (which I have to do), Bare metal strip and Painted Lime Green (possibly black bonnet with chrome vents), Simmons RV20s or Superlites on it, dropped on its belly and full recrome. There is not that much rust in it from what I have been able to find, The bottoms of the door panels, the ends of the rear passenger fender, top of the drivers side fender, the boot well is completely gone, apart from that its basically all surface rust.
Ill show you all some pictures as how it is now:


The car runs nicely, except in the webers air filter there is oil and the car blows abit of white smoke when its started and when you accelerate. So i'm suspecting that the piston rings have worn and are allowing oil through, this may require a rebuild? what do you think?

Thats it everyone. Please leave me a post and tell me what you think!


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