Please introduce yourself and Celica or ride(s).


Postby Grimly64 » February 26th, 2008, 6:07 pm

Had a 1974 Celica ST back in the 80's. Bought it in Hawaii, was shipped to Crete, Greece. ended up in Tucson, AZ. It went through the Panama Canal, a place even I haven't been to.

Now, finally, have a 1976 Celica Coupe GT. After buying it on July 30th, 2007, It was finally delivered into my grubby hands February 18th, 2008. Long story short, had money, no one to tow it. Had someone to tow it, but had no money. Tried to drive it once from Las Vegas to Barstow, CA. but only made it to two exits before the the coolant overflow blew up and started spraying coolant. This was after the guy who was supposedly a mechanic ensured it was road worthy.

Today, Feb 26, 2008, started fixing it up. So am very happy and relieved to see this website after CC was gone.



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