Hi all!

Please introduce yourself and Celica or ride(s).

Hi all!

Postby dafore » February 13th, 2013, 9:02 pm

Hey everyone. I've been the proud owner of a '76 GT RA24 for about a year now, and here she is:

The day I drove her home

With new shoes (Enkei Compe 15x7's with 0 offset) -- excuse the blinding whiteness of this one, my phone was spazzing out trying to get a clear shot of the wheels

I wanted some old skool wheels for it and when I found out that Enkei is remaking classics, I jumped on these. They fit well and will be perfect after she's dropped about another inch or two.

It still has the original 20R with only 140k miles on it and still running strong. Her only rust issues reside in the spare tire well.

I've been in the process of converting the 7 shades of crap brown interior into a uniform black. The dash was irreparable with an old fuzzy cap on it and the door panels were in bad shape, with the carpet all but falling off. Plasti-dip in spray can works well on the interior plastics and smooths them over well, and I've had fun manufacturing my own replacement door panels.

Of course I want to make her smile to replace the bulky american style bumpers and I'll probably end up with fiberglass over metal just for pocketbook's sake. Anyone have any experience with parts from Foxau2?
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