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New member from Illinois

PostPosted: April 6th, 2013, 5:52 pm
by shogun121
Hey everyone. Just became the proud owner of a 77 RA24 Celica. 20R automatic ST coupe with a/c. Seems to be all there with the exception of some trim/interior bits and of course the parts that have rusted away, lol. Havent really had a chance to tear into it as Ive been working 18 hr days at work and Im really getting the itch to do something with it. I plan on keeping it stock looking/running for the most part seeing as how I plan on using the car to teach my 12yo how to work on cars and then giving/selling it to him at 16 when he gets his license. I figure it'll teach him responsibility and give him pride of ownership esp when its his blood and sweat that helped put the car back on the road(at least thats what I told the wife when I got it!) Anyhow with that in mind I would like to lower it a bit and add some nice rims and meatier tires. Ive been out of the tuning scene for a while so im not used to seeing 13,14,15 rims. I was tucking 19s on my Avenger, and 18s on the wifes Vibe. Im looking at some really nice 14x7.5 rims that I might pickup but would like some input as to tire choices. Also Id hate to cut the original coils because they are worn and spongy so how are you guys dropping your cars? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!