New Guy with an ADDICTION. 2zz / 1uz future builds.

Please introduce yourself and Celica or ride(s).

New Guy with an ADDICTION. 2zz / 1uz future builds.

Postby 00gtsgetemhigh » April 7th, 2016, 10:58 am

Hello all. I am Arnold. I live in California. I AM AN ADDICT. I am not afraid to say so. I fell in love in high school with a 7th gen that was my older brothers. I knew little about cars, and found out that you check to see if you have one by doing a burn out. I not only did a burn out, I burned out my clutch. It sat in the driveway until I did some research on how to replace a clutch. I did so, but at the same time, installed an LSD and front sway bar. This was the beginning of my love affair with the Celica. At that moment feeling LSD and the cornering abilities I fell in love with how the celica drove, rather than how it looked. I started learning, heel toe, left foot braking, and practiced my launches. After a trip to vegas, then to San Diego, and back to LA, I found a Ferrari on the freeway. I only sped up to admire it’s growl and beauty. It decided to smash after he saw my thumbs up. I followed, we drove spiritedly through until my car threw a bearing. So went my love affair with the celica for 10+ years.


I Started flipping celicas about a year ago. I used it as a company car for the business I started at the time.


I’ve sold about 12 of them but decided the new celica market was crap. In the meantime I was able to build a quick little track celica.


Also got extremely familiar with 2zz, did a few 2zz mrs swaps.

Got myself into RWD. I traded one of my flips for a unfinished ae86 project. It a good few months of research, parts locating, and it is a running GTS converted car which I love. I’m dabbling with drifting.


NOW! I was given a 1st ten from the Georgia. I was extremely blessed. Her name is Karen and it came in, unfortunately the body was terrible. I was able to fix some of the wiring, it wasn’t getting spark, I fitted an old gas tank I had laying around. Now I’m just waiting for the weber rebuild kit to come in. Should be running by this week.

My best friend had these laying around in his yard at work.

Now I have 3.

My dream build is to have a 1st gen with 7th gen heart.

My original plan was to fit this in the car. I planned on using a full donor’ed celica running the new wiring in the old car. from cluster to gas tank, evap, etc…


2zz, t50, ae85 rear end. I’d just need adjusted drive shaft, adapter plate, and custom mounts.

Then my neighbor sold me this for $200. Healthy 1uz.

So i’m left with a few options.

Original 18r.

I plan on making the blue car original. 18r
yellow one 1uz
fitting the 2zz in the grey hatch shell i have.
then transferring it over to the blue shell.
I don’t know, All I know is I can’t wait to have the brown one running.
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Re: New Guy with an ADDICTION. 2zz / 1uz future builds.

Postby sjsf5 » June 10th, 2016, 7:48 am

Welcome! I didn't know a 2zz could be an fr configuration that'd cool though! I briefly looked into putting a 2zz into my LB but couldn't find any info on a fr layout so I just went with the beams instead. Good luck with all of your builds! You've got plenty of them! Please ask around if you have any questions :2thumbs:
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