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Hello from the Netherlands!

PostPosted: August 21st, 2016, 11:01 am
by KWP

As a new forum user I will introduce myself.
I am Koen Peters, 28 years old. Living in the Netherlands, close to Rotterdam. Almost celebrating my 12,5 year anniversary as a Toyota mechanic. Started as a 16 year old apprentice and worked my way up to get my Toyota master technician degree and Diagnostic Technical Specialist degree. Since a couple of years I am chief workshop at a Toyota and Suzuki dealer.

I'm all about Toyota, the list of Toyota/Lexus I previously owned:
3x Starlet P8
Starlet P7
Corolla KE70
Corolla E11 G6R
Yaris P1
Yaris P9 TS
CT200h F-Sport is my current ride

I always had a big interest in Celica TA23, very very nice looking car. A bit skinny on the wheels and engine. My target is a nice aubergine colored TA23, nicely lowered en and sitting on nice wide wheels with flares. Enginewise i want to go 2JZGTE. In the build I want to use a lot of Toyota parts from other Toyota's as seats from a Celica T22, IS300/Altezza brakes and so on.

But to start this project I still need a good base. Aaand that's the thingy.... Unrestored TA23s are very very rare here, and it has to be worth the effort bodywise. Restored TA23 is not an option. Way overpriced and not sure whats under the nice paint...

I hope that I might find a original Dutch TA23 trough this forum, importing a car is not my preference because here in the Netherlands the car would get a brand new licence plate what would break down the classic car image.

Now I'm gonna explore this forum :woot:


Re: Hello from the Netherlands!

PostPosted: August 21st, 2016, 12:28 pm
by patje1100
Hey Koen
Welcome ...
youve had a lot of cars in the 10 years you re having your license.
what did you do with them.? Crashed them? :wink:

No..if you import one you can get a --YB-- old blue plate.
the 1st gen Celica see in holland is fished empty i think.
good luck finding 1

Re: Hello from the Netherlands!

PostPosted: August 21st, 2016, 9:50 pm
by KWP
2 of the starlets and the ke70 are wrecked, not my fault by the way. Normally after a year or so i get bored with a car and i will look for something else. Maybe its my current age but the ct200h is a keeper, really like the car and its looks. Its not fast but i dont really care nowadays. A fast weekend drive is what i want. Maybe my fine of 1250 euro for speeding a couple of years ago helped with it.

I keep looking for that one good base ta23, through diffrent canals i am searching. I will find one.... so if anyone knows a dutch ta23 for a reasonable price i would gladly hear that

Re: Hello from the Netherlands!

PostPosted: October 17th, 2016, 11:55 am
by KWP
I did some research on the point that patje1100 mensionent. He's wright, it is possible to get eu cars on old plates in Holland. So i am looking international now, not much better fish in the pool but a lot more chances. So if enyone hears about a unrestored T23 in the EU please let me know. I am even considering a TA28 if its a good base.


Re: Hello from the Netherlands!

PostPosted: January 1st, 2017, 11:42 am
by KWP
Yesyesyes! I found not one but two ta23s. Bought them both.
One is a original dutch car, someone started restoring. New rear fenders and new wiper panel. The body is in relative good shape. Unfortunatly a lot of parts are not with the car anymore.
The other car is a german. Had a respray in the 90's but needs to be done again due to rust. This one is complete and also in pretty good shape.
The german will be the first to get worked on. I will make it driveable before summer. Then i will start on the dutch car thats gonna get a 1jz or a 2jz. This is gonna be a long term build.

This week both cars will be pulled out of the shed. Neither one of the cars is running so thats the first thing to do.

When i start with the cars i wil post it in the project departement.


Re: Hello from the Netherlands!

PostPosted: January 7th, 2017, 6:22 am
by Erwin77TA23
2 Ta23's, nice score! pictures please....

Re: Hello from the Netherlands!

PostPosted: January 9th, 2017, 11:48 am
by KWP

Here are some pore pics. I will take some better pictures soon.
The brown one is a german en the yellow one is a dutch car. Both cars are from 76, just a couple of months between them. Both STs, the yellow one is much better preserved, minimal rust. Both rear wings and wiper panel are replaced with original panels.

Re: Hello from the Netherlands!

PostPosted: January 9th, 2017, 12:58 pm
by patje1100
Happy guy
like a little kid in "de ballenbak van Ikea" :wink

Think carefully what you re gonna do before you have 2 projects at the same time

Re: Hello from the Netherlands!

PostPosted: January 10th, 2017, 5:04 am
by KWP
Thats the right discription of current feeling haha

The brown one is gonna be my 'daily' so keeping it running is the only thing i would do on it for now. Maybe when the yellow car is done i will restore the brown car but i will think about that when the end of of the yellow rebuild is near

Re: Hello from the Netherlands!

PostPosted: January 11th, 2017, 2:50 am
by patje1100
I see where you wanna go.

To import the German car it must have a technical check. Too much rust at critical areas means welding....than the brakes, rubbers electrical and you need to get that engine run reliable....this car can become a project also.

Do it.....and get that feeling driving an old Celica. :D

Re: Hello from the Netherlands!

PostPosted: January 11th, 2017, 11:46 am
by KWP
A guy at work recently imported a german landcruiser from the 80's. Only thing that was checked where vin and paperwork. MOT/APK was done by himselfe. So I am not worried by that. Coming saturday i will fully inspect the brown celica if its worth the effort. I've seen that it needs some rust repair on a front beam already but if thats the only thingy :2thumbs:

Re: Hello from the Netherlands!

PostPosted: January 12th, 2017, 12:48 am
by patje1100
Ahh yes, of course.
i was in the perception of 6 cylinder engine swaps but thats not the case.

Have fun saturday