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77 From Colorado

Posted: February 14th, 2017, 11:58 pm
by kingdingie
Hey everybody!
its so nice to finally be apart of the forum! ive been trying to find the way to register for about a little over a year and here i am!

My name is Joel, i currently live in Denver, CO and will be moving to Los Angeles at the beginning of june. As of last weekend i used to drive an 85 Celica Supra, it was my second Supra and a beautiful car, but it was time to move onto my next bucket list car, the 1st gen. when i was a young kid i always loved old muscle cars, and as i started to buy and drive cars i realized my heart was really into old japanese stuff. My mom used to own an 84 Celica Supra, and my dad owned an 85 Celica Coupe back in the day. Ive heard stories and seen pictures and i knew i always wanted the mk2 supra. But there alot of cars i want to own and drive throughtout this life... so here we go

I traded my 85 Supra for a 77 RA29 Liftback
as you can see by the pictures it is in rough shape, but since i was trading over such a clean mk2 supra the owner and i are going to be building the 1st gen.
Were putting in a 20/22 hybrid, W58 and i believe we decided on a weber 32/36... i wonder if it will be hard to get this to pass emmisions in california

Keep your eye out for a build thread, i hope to be putting up progress pics and what not of this thing. i also need some parts so hopefully i can find some local guys to bug for parts

also would like to know where the best place is to find reproduction parts? are there a couple of big recognized vendors out there or what? i hear parts are hard to find! thanks


when the previous owner had the car together

How it sits now
I need to track down that dash and center console



Re: 77 From Colorado

Posted: February 15th, 2017, 3:59 pm
by blackrabbit
Hey Joel, glad you got into the forum... to bad your moving to california, I was looking forward
to having another one running around here in colorado... you might look into the cali emission thing
that car is new enough it wont be smog exempt there and I hear the rules are stupidly strict..
best luck, Charlie.. :D

Re: 77 From Colorado

Posted: February 15th, 2017, 8:29 pm
by kingdingie
thanks charlie! yeah it wont be till june, and the car should be ready within a couple weeks. the guy just wants to get the trade done.
hopefully there are some good cruises and meets before then! the weather has been kick @$$ lately!