Newb in need 73 ST 18R-U rally project

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Newb in need 73 ST 18R-U rally project

Postby celica » August 26th, 2009, 4:15 pm

hey guys i just came across a 1973 celica ST with the 18R-u. i was curious as to how i could beef it up.i own a decent plot of land and i intend to make it into a rally type car, lifted, weight reduced,lightbars,rollbars,you know, the works.
also would it be difficult to weld the diff? remember its for offroad so im not to concerned about laws.(wouldnt be even if i do drive it on the road)just wondering if any of you guys have any ideas on what i could do :D .
also would i need to run another battery, cause i relly want to light it up with some KC's,and how would i do that?
Bigger tires?
Rally Lights?
Weight reduction?
Engine mods?
Welded diff?
True Dual exhaust?
Roll Cage?
Rally Paint Schemes?
anything you guys can think of for a rally car
Thanks a ton guys!!!
will post pics of car but will start project after i hear from you guys and post more pics as i go.
also i dont know how to bleed brakes?
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