ra28 from Tassie, Australia

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ra28 from Tassie, Australia

Postby kremsra28 » March 11th, 2011, 4:39 pm

hey, im krem, my partner and i are building her a ra28, it was originally my car but since her and the kids got me a mazda r100 for fathers day a few yrs ago, she inherited the 28 (hey im a rotor fan and the 28 was gonna get a 13bt anyways!!)

plans are a few body mods, full repsray and interior retrim and a 18rgt consisting of 18rgue motor, s513bt turbo, custom inlet and exhaust manifilds, and maybe some injectors from a 3sgte ( we are only chasing around 200bhp, want it to be a reliable streeter that will last for many yrs to come, for the high hp rush, we will jump in the r100 when its built)

will post some pics up when progress gets goin.

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