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Please introduce yourself and Celica or ride(s).

New member - West OZ

Postby goldn22 » March 28th, 2011, 10:59 pm

Specs: Oz Spec 1973 TA22 LT - original gold metallic and strange dark brown/green interior. 3tgte w/ forged pistons, old "air research" T3 turbo on custom steam pipe manifold and large exhaust, small front mount intercooler, old injec efi computer and larger injectors, HD clutch and supra 5 speed gearbox, stock open diff, lowered springs fr/rear, TA63 turbo front struts/brakes, boot mounted battery and fuel system. 15x6.5 +18 SSR XR4 wheels all round (originally ran 14x7 +4 hotwires)

Bought the car in 1997, installed turbo running gear about 6 months later, installed the gearbox about 5 years later.
Canceled street rego about 8 years ago after the body got too shabby (lost clear coat and rust got too bad in a couple of spots) and I realized the level of my early engineering had created a potential death trap. It's been in dry storage ever since. Have always intended to get back to it for a racer style rebirth.

I also have a nice'ish OZ spec 1984 flat sided Starion as my "daily?!?", and have started to seriously think about building up a dedicated track car for sprint/hillclimb/time attack style use. I only have room for 1 such vehicle, so have started to investigate both the Starion and Celica for potential use.

My joining of this forum is to help research a possible flares/cage full tilt race suspension for the Celica, but to be honest I am already leaning towards the Starion, it would just need alot less work/money to get on the track. Another option I may have is the purchase of an old flared guard TA22 curcuit car I know of locally that is missing an engine/gearbox. I plan to try and look at this in the near future, I only recently learned that the old owner still had it (it was sold last time I heard).

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