Seven Years Later and an Adult

Please introduce yourself and Celica or ride(s).
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Seven Years Later and an Adult

Post by Villar »

Just thought I’d check back in.

I’m finally starting back up on my once pristine condition 1977 Celica that I foolishly let sit outside for years. Rust that did not exist, now sits, what once ran without a hitch, now fails.

I’m sure I will get a lot of guidance from y’all as the months go on.

7 years ago I purchased this vehicle for clout, and now at 25, in the Army, I’m repairing it because it deserves better, and hopefully better than I even got it.

Replacing the fuel pump today, hopefully start it up, change it’s oil, change the fuel filter, change the spark plugs, get it up and running, and bring it to a body shop to get an estimate on rust repair.
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Re: Seven Years Later and an Adult

Post by TA28Dutch »

Welcome back.
Good to hear you decided to bring your Celica back to live. Lots of experienced folks here who are willing to help if you get stuck.
Keep up the good work :2thumbs:
Cheers, Rob
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Re: Seven Years Later and an Adult

Post by FushuMan »

Looking forward to your progress!!
Gotta get to Ridin’ in my 75 GT 20R :D


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Re: Seven Years Later and an Adult

Post by BubbaJohnson »

Hey buddy I see this post is from a month ago. But I want to see how you've gotten and and to encourage you dont give up! Just this past weekend my Brother and I got our old 75 Celica actually running and working again. It has mostly sat since 2013 after a blown head gasket and a couple other things sidelined it. Then life happened, no time or money for cars, etc. And then over the past two years we've sporadically put in work and work and more work to get it back going. It felt so great to drive it onto the street again. So do let us all know any help or advice you need and let's get another first gen back on the streets! 8) :cheers:

- Rich
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Re: Seven Years Later and an Adult

Post by neil reid »

We're still here. site is not as busy as it use to be. Facebook has pulled many away . Tough to find info there as stuff goes off into the ether quickly. You can always find what you're looking for here with a simple search.

I've been guilty of using the FB page myself but I'm going to be here a lot more now as I do believe the value of this board is greater for Celica enthusiasts than FB

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Re: Seven Years Later and an Adult

Post by steveh »

Great posts, Bubba and Neil.

Happy New Year to all.
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