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An update was hearing a grinding sound when starting and running the original engine so finally got around to pulling this engine out of the car with the assistance of my friend Scott and his daughter. Since they were not around for the final disassembly, I posted these photos for your and their review.

The actual pad on the upper timing chain had worn thru to the metal pad support. This is the most hated repair because of the amount of disassembly to be performed. Totally stripped it down to the last few items. Have to transfer the old oil pan and motor mounts to the next engine so that it fits correctly. For example, the engine that was installed and removed was due to the wider depth of the oil pan that was once installed inside of a Toyota Corona. Pan sat actually on the cross member. Fiddled with it before I remembered the items that required an exchange.
Monday: September 26, 2022. In case no one has seen the Upper Chain tensioner for an 18-RC here you go. NOS out the box.

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